Descrizione Progetto

Through connecting people “in the know” with those that want to know, Sunshine’s mission is to take weather reporting to the next level. Leveraging their local knowledge and wisdom, the users co-create and have access to a dynamic database of trustworthy, crowd-sourced weather information. Linking like-minded athletes and enthusiasts, Sunshine‘s social-network-oriented platform makes the process of finding and sharing weather conditions — both current and future —quick and easy, ultra accurate, and emotionally rewarding. Aside from participating in the first-ever, human-generated global weather map, Sunshine’s users can also enhance their social profiles, meet others with the similar interests, compete for spectacular prizes and much more.

Sunshine delivers the weather direct — from people, to people.

The Founders

Katerina Stroponiati

Yiannis Varelas

Jenna Hannon