Descrizione Progetto

in3Dgallery is an easy to use cloud based tool to create 3D immersive presentations. It allows the user to share his ideas contextualizing them inside a 3D virtual space in a brand new fashion. With in3Dgallery you’re able to import images, videos, PDFs and 3D models to create a unique presentation experience. The competitive advantage is the highly intuitive 3D user interface and the ready-made engaging virtual spaces preloaded with captivating cinematic camera movements. Users can create a presentation directly on the web app and play it back through the (almost ready to be released) mobile app for iOS and Android, via web or Desktop player (for Mac and Windows).


The Founders

 francesco Francesco Marcantoni

marcelloMarcello Comanducci

trevor Gabriele Maidecchi

francesco Francesco Gallorini