Descrizione Progetto

Your cloud infrastructure as you’ve never seen it before.

Draios was founded in 2013 to solve the complex issue of monitoring and managing the performance of cloud-based application delivery infrastructures.
We are a team with more than 20 years of cumulative experience in the space of network and application monitoring and with a passion for building great tools that make a difference for people. For example, we were a driving force in the creation of the WinPcap and Wireshark Open Source projects, both of which count on millions of happy users around the world.
We believe that public clouds provide many advantages, but also bring new challenges: complexity, unpredictability, reliability on third-party services. Draios is designed to help with these challenges, and will help you detect problems, no matter where they are, anticipate issues and react in real time.

The Founders

Loris Degioanni

Massimo Sgrelli