An angel fund for all. Including teams with immigrant founders.
Unshackled is an innovative angel fund that invests in all startup teams – including teams with immigrant founders who are work authorized in the US (on H1-B, OPT, CPT)
Who should apply?
The ideal teams have identified a problem or need, defined the solution in a concept or prototype, have thought of a business plan, and have the hustle to take the solution to market.
Apply by completing the application on Angel List and/or email us at to learn more.
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Meritocracy is respect for talent, fairness, failure, growth.

Meritocracy is a technology, too. It highlights people to those institutions they are the best for.
Register and built in 2 minutes your beautiful Meritocracy page. It will help you sorting all incoming job applications, either spontaneous or coming from a job-board, to help you finding the right people at the right time‏. It will build your own database of bright people, to help you following them in time and give them feedback on how to grow.
Enjoy Meritocracy and spread it.
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Heapsylon Sensoria

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Sensoria Fitness. Wearables. Reinvented.

Sensoria is focused on delivering a family of body-sensing devices for the human foot. Our wearable textile sensors capture, monitor and communicate data such as activity type, level and in-footwear pressure to the user. The data is presented and analyzed by an easy-to-use dashboard. Sensoria products make it more fun and safer to exercise. They may also contribute to prevent certain injuries, and in case of injury or disease they track patient adherence and offloading data.
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Your cloud infrastructure as you’ve never seen it before.

Draios was founded in 2013 to solve the complex issue of monitoring and managing the performance of cloud-based application delivery infrastructures.
We are a team with more than 20 years of cumulative experience in the space of network and application monitoring and with a passion for building great tools that make a difference for people. For example, we were a driving force in the creation of the WinPcap and Wireshark Open Source projects, both of which count on millions of happy users around the world.
We believe that public clouds provide many advantages, but also bring new challenges: complexity, unpredictability, reliability on third-party services. Draios is designed to help with these challenges, and will help you detect problems, no matter where they are, anticipate issues and react in real time.

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Skycatch is a platform for capturing and analyzing images and videos at scale using small autonomous flying robots. Our product allows property owners, developers, and managers to surveil large geographic areas via autonomous drones with image- and video-capture technology that can be viewed in real time or chronologically from a web dashboard or mobile client. The product also allows users to extract valuable information from captured images and video through computer vision software, that can be customized per use case via our SDK. Our proprietary battery-swapping and autonomous landing technology (patent pending) gives our drones the ability to operate without human interaction.

Eyes in the sky. Passion on the ground.

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Myze app is designed to make your life easier – every day. To get started, tell Myze what’s important to you. For example, if you’re trying to rack up miles towards a business class upgrade, move the Frequent Flyer Miles slider to the right while moving Cash Back and Loyalty to the left. Myze will prioritize your credit cards accordingly. Myze knows that priorities can change; just change your Myze preferences to keep up!

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Waygo Visual Translator is the ultimate tool for navigating life in China.
Waygo uses a phone camera to instantly translate text without an internet connection. Just point and translate. The first Waygo app is for Chinese to English translation and is available in the app store, with more languages on the way.

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Atooma lets you set up conditional events — an “IF” — that will automatically trigger simple actions — a “DO” — based on things like time, location, your favorite app, email, and so on. Because it is a contextual app that is aware of your location and the time of day, it effectively makes your smartphone smarter.

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