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Primo is an early learning ecosystem of delightful tangible and digital products designed to introduce children between the ages of 4 and 7 to the foundations of technology and sciences.
Primo equips children with the skills and aptitudes necessary to become creators and not just consumers of technology later in life.
Learning at an early age begins with small challenges and play, real hands on play! Learning about technology and sciences should be no different.
We found current solutions to teaching Early Years about technology and sciences to be inadequate. Too complex for the age group, poorly designed, mostly focusing on digital rather than tangible experiences, and also too isolating, pushing caring educators and parents out of the equation. We are here to change this.
Primo generates revenue by developing, producing and selling an interconnected family of physical and digital products directly to schools, parents and large scale distributors.
The Founders


Bad Seed is a brand new Italian startup founded in September 2012 with the mission and the will to create innovative and high quality games.
Its first game, Sheep Up! Premium had a brand new perspective with a top-down gameplay camera and its graphic was recognized as high quality in every review by both users and critics.
With the upcoming release of Sheep Up! Freemium, the team is now focused on the development of two new products which will be released in 2013.

The Founders